Many parents wants to be involved in their child’s learning environment. Here at EnglishBlast we want to encourage parents to feel free to be there with their children for each class. There is one issue that arrises though.

Some well meaning parents, in an effort to help their children during class, tell them the answers, answer for them, or scold them for not answering quickly enough. While we understand the reasons behind this effort to help is coming from a good motive, it can actually hinder a child’s progress. How so?

We believe in Mastery Based Learning. Meaning, students must, themselves, understand and feel comfortable with the material and rate of progress. It is also very important for student’s confidence to increase in their abilities before we move them forward.

This may seem unusual when compared to many schools and online learning platforms who rush students through whether they understand or not. We are sure that you parents would agree that the end results are what really count.

So parents, please resist the urge to speak for your child, scold them for not answering quickly enough, and especially telling them the answers. Your goal, and ours is their mastery of the English language. This requires going at their pace and theirs only.

Do this, and you will be proud to see real, meaningful advancement you will be proud of.

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