About English Blast

We are a Taiwanese English education company.  English Blast was, and is, designed by Western native English tutors who were unhappy with poor quality English materials that they would often see when teaching in other companies.

We heard so many native English tutors complain about materials that were clearly created by people who did not fully understand how English is spoken or written, that we decided to start our own company. We believe teaching materials must be accurate. 

We also believe English language education is best taught through a modern understanding of how the brain prefers to learn. Essentially, that means boring classes are out. Language learning should be a natural and enjoyable process – our brains are hardwired for it. 

We believe in tailoring classes, where possible, to provide the best possible outcome.

Our materials are designed for long-term retention with natural recall – learning how to use what you know at every stage. 

Another core belief is that, while learning from a native English speaker is the best solution, it is not affordable to everyone. So we offer low-cost as well as premium classes.

Your teachers are expected to make you feel comfortable and to make your learning process challenging, but not overwhelming. We want you to feel confident and enjoy chatting and doing business in English.

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